Despite being a corporation, we don’t operate with the same stale, greedy mentality of traditional companies. There are no boardrooms. There are no suits, except for special occasions. We are a global team of like-minded professionals who treat each other with respect and value genuine, meaningful relationships with each other and our customers. Here, there is no corporate hierarchy. Every team member’s role is as critical as the next, and we value each other as such. We are all equals and you can expect the same great service from every member of our team.

Andrew Bonica

U.S. Marine Corps Veteran

Areas of Expertise: Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering, Mechanical Design, Digital Transformation, Enterprise Architecture, Infrastructure, Process and Data Management


Alex Chaunt

Royal Air Force Veteran

Areas of Expertise: Military Operations, Flight Instructor, Test Pilot, EMS Air Ambulance, Curriculum Development, Business Development, Flight Planning, Test Planning & Execution

Thien Van Tran

Areas of Expertise: Mechanical Engineering, Business Development, Finance, Planning and Resource Development


Jacob Pepper

U.S. Navy Veteran

Areas of Expertise: Mechanical Engineering, Material Science, Chemistry, Agriculture, Thermal Analysis


Melia Asucan

Areas of Expertise: Mechanical Engineering, Electro-Mechanical Design, PCB Design, Simulation


Robert Powell

Areas of Expertise: Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Design, Display Technologies, Project Management


Carlos Gallegos

U.S. Marine Corps Veteran

Areas of Expertise: Mechanical Engineering, Conceptual Design, Program/Project Management, FEA and CFD Simulation